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Best Places to See Red Leaves of Autumn in China

Published: Oct. 17, 2019

China’s autumn falls in September to November in most areas. As an important symbol to indicate the autumn’s coming, the flaming red leaves offer the top autumn scenery and you can capture the transient beauty of autumn in China. Here gives you the 6 best places to appreciate red leaves all over the country.   
Located in the northwest suburb of Beijing, Fragrant Hill is one of the top places to appreciate red leaves in Beijing, and even in China. It is covered with smoke trees and all the leaves just turn red colors from October. The best spots to enjoy red leaves on the mountain are Heshun Gate, Yuhua Xiu, Tranquility Green Lake, and Xiangwu Ku. However, the park is also very busy and crowded in autumn because of its popularity. Traveling on week days is more recommended.
Best time: mid-October to mid-November
Ticket Price: Apr. 1 to Nov. 15: CNY 10, Nov. 16 to Mar. 31: CNY 5

Tianping Mountain, Suzhou

Tianping Mountain in Suzhou is famous for rep maple leaves, dubbed the best place of seeing maple leaves. Its special terrain makes a unique natural beauty that different colors including Light yellow, golden yellow, orange, orange red, and dark red can appear on the same maple tree. Besides the different-colored maples, the clear stream and strange rocks on the mountain are also worth a visit. 
Best time: late October to mid-November
Ticket Price: CNY 30

Qixia Mountain, Nanjing

As the most elegant mountain in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, Qixia Mountain also features the red maple leaves. When autumn arrives, the red color spreads all over the mountain, like a red glow against the blue sky. Taixu Pavilion on the East Peak is the best place to appreciate leaves and take in the beauty of autumn.
Best time: mid-November to early December
Ticket Price: CNY 25 on usual days; CNY 40 during Red Maple Festival, 2019 10.12-12.22

Shicheng Village, Wuyuan

Some people may know that Wuyuan is famous for a cloud of rape flowers. However, the red leaves of Shicheng Village, Wuyuan are also the best scenery you should not miss. The ancient village contains hundreds of centuries-old maple trees, hidden behind a cluster of old buildings with black tiles and white walls. Red maple leaves just add more mystery to the remote village.
Best time: mid-November to early December
Ticket Price: CNY 60

Kanas, Xinjiang

Kanas is a pearl in Xinjiang, dubbed as the last paradise on the earth. It is extremely beautiful in the season of autumn. Birches are becoming yellow and maple leaves are dyed to red. Distant glaciers, crystal waters, vast forests and gorgeous fall leaves offer an impressive view, also making Kanas one of the top foliage destinations.
Best time: mid-September to early October
Ticket Price:  May 1 to Oct.15: CNY 160, Oct. 16 to Apr. 30: CNY 80

Miyaluo, Sichuan

Miyaluo Scenic Resort in west Sichuan Province is the largest red leaves spot with the tip-top views all over the country. You can not only see beautiful fall leaves, snow mountains, spring water, forests and Tibetan customs will bring you more amazing experiences. It is also a paradise for photographers to capture the best shoot.
Best time: mid-October to early November
No entrance fee
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